First Choice Pawn Shop robbed

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Police carrying out investigations in-front of First Choice Pawn Shop.

Police carrying out investigations in-front of First Choice Pawn Shop.

Police are hunting two armed bandits who snatched an undisclosed sum of money and jewelry from First Choice Jewelry and Pawn Shop on Lombard Street yesterday. However, the police, in a press release reported that the sum of money taken was $100,000.
According to sources, the amount lost was in the proximity of $3M in jewelry and cash.
The men fled with their booty from the scene in a gold coloured AT 192 Carina.
Eyewitnesses said that after the Pawn Shop received its first customer, two men ran into the business entity and forced their way through a door and into the cashier area where they stuck up the teller with a gun and later ran into a getaway car.
“One bandit had a big bag of people jewelry. One of the men had a jukker and the other had a gun,” eyewitnesses recalled.
Another eyewitness recalled that a man in a gold coloured car parked on Harold Street facing High Street, was waiting patiently for the “two young men”. He helped them make a clean getaway.
“These people know when to come and rob this place because there was hardly anyone around.”
At the scene, police turned up to carry out investigation, and the teller was taken to the Brickdam Police Station where he gave a statement.
The business entity, which has been operating on Lombard Street for over one year, has now experienced its first robbery, and security needs to be stepped up. From the appearance of the business entity security was not a top priority.

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