Dem boys seh…De spy thing is a distraction

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De spy story tek a twist. De police was looking fuh recording but dem boys seh that is no ordinary recording dem looking for. Dem hear that some big ones and not Bharrat, use to visit de li’l gyal.
Is dem big ones who worried whether they mek de porn scene. And of course when you is a big man you don’t have de body that gun mek people whistle although some big man does look real good.
Dem boys seh that some of de people who use to visit had to be men who bored wid wha dem got home. And dem rather pay than go home and get something fuh free.
Of course dem have a lot of people like that. Some of dem got food in dem house but dem love to visit de Chinee.
Now dem who doing de search can’t find is wheh any recording was done. In fact, de people who following de saga now believe that de whole thing was a set up fuh tek attention from Fip.
But one thing is certain, all de fun gun done Monday when Bharrat sign de new law. Wid such a law nuff men got to get a form that dem got to mek de woman sign. Is like a contract form.
De same law sending people to jail fuh peeping. Is now after all dem years that people who like to go pun de seawall gun get some peace although law ain’t stop people from thiefing.
Talk half. Lef half.

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