Crash plunges Mandela Avenue residents into darkness

May 22, 2010 | By | Filed Under News 

A Toyota 4×4, PHH 6221, uprooted two electrical poles and plunged the residents of Mandela Avenue into darkness in the wee hours of Friday morning.
According to one resident called Ravo, he was awakened at 3:15 hours by a loud bang. Then he heard his vehicle alarm. He said that when he looked out his window he saw his RAV 4, PHH 9215, was facing the other direction to which he had parked it.
He said that he instantly knew something was amiss. “Then I saw the crashed vehicle and the driver trying to come out.”
He explained that the man appeared to be a Banks DIH security guard, and when he enquired from the guard if he knew that he had hit his RAV 4, the guard denied remembering that.
He disclosed that the man appeared to have slept while driving and after hitting his vehicle he awoke and lost control of the vehicle.
People at the scene of the crash were amazed at the destruction of the two electrical poles, since they have assumed the driver had to be traveling at a fast rate in order to root out two electrical poles.
According to another resident, many calls were made to GPL, however, no official turned up to sever the dangerous electrical connection that was exposed.

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