Police in hot water for stealing seized marijuana

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Corruption has raised its ugly head in the Guyana Police Force as ranks stationed at the Mahaica Police Station are being investigated for the theft of a substantial amount of marijuana which was confiscated in the Mahaica Creek on Friday.
Kaieteur News understands that instead of declaring the full amount of drugs seized, the ranks stashed a significant portion with the intention of retrieving it when the coast was clear.
They might have succeeded had it not been for one of the suspects, who was caught with the drugs, informing officers that the amount being booked was far less than what he was caught with.
Reports reaching this newspaper stated that police at the Mahaica Police Station received word that two men were seen with two hundred pound bags of marijuana, in the Mahaica Creek area.
A team of police ranks went to the location where they apprehended the suspects with the herbs.
While on their way back to the station, a plan was apparently hatched to steal some of the evidence, for when the ranks reached the station they took out a small portion and declared it as the amount seized.
They stashed the remainder in three unused tyres lying in the Mahaica Police Station compound.
But their bubble burst when they were about to book the drugs they had declared. One of the suspects, not wanting to go down alone, disclosed that that was not the entire amount he was caught with.
The ranks were then questioned and one of them admitted to stashing the marijuana. He eventually led investigators to the stash.
While he was promptly placed under close arrest Kaieteur News was unable to ascertain if the other ranks who went on the operation suffered similar fates.

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