Pandit from India fleecing Guyanese

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…tells undercover reporter, pig, cow and chicken were killed to prevent her from getting pregnant

When I do puja, you must not mingle (sex) for three nights.  I guarantee you pregnant one month’ – Pandit

By Leonard Gildarie

One woman alleged that she paid $96,000 to remove a sore on her foot. Three weeks later, the sore is still there. Another man paid US$225 for his 20-year-old daughter to “feel better” but her condition remains the same.
These were just two of the allegations several residents made over the weekend against an astrologer who came to Guyana from India and who collected thousands of dollars to “fix” all kinds of problems.
On Friday, Kaieteur News went undercover, visiting the self-proclaimed “Most Famous Astrologer of India”, who claimed that he is unaware that it is against the law to collect monies without informing the Guyana Revenue Authority and other authorities.
At a David Street yard, the Astrologer asked for the reporter and his companion “wife” to take off their shoes and lock the door. The office/bedroom/kitchen/bathroom was no bigger than 10 feet square and partitioned by curtains. There were several religious Hindu photographs on the simple table and on the wall.
The astrologer, taking the left hand of the “wife” disclosed that her future looked bright, with good possibilities after marriage.

The David Street, Kitty, residence from which the astrologer operates.

The David Street, Kitty, residence from which the astrologer operates.

After being told that there were no children, the astrologer was convinced that there is a problem. Upon examining the “husband” reporter’s right hand, the astrologer found that there was indeed a problem.
“Were you married before?” the reporter was asked. On learning that the reporter was married and had three children, the astrologer revealed that “black magic” was at work by someone who killed a “pig, cow and chicken” over photographs of the “couple” and this was the main cause of problems and her inability to get pregnant.
Asked specifically if he was seeing this in his visions, the astrologer said yes.
During the undercover session with the astrologer, the phone rang several times- “come tomorrow”, “come Monday” were just some of the responses he gave to some callers who obviously had “problems”.
“You don’t understand. Even if you leave your husband, frankly… somebody do some bad puja (black magic). I guarantee 100 per cent that when I do the puja, it will fix your problem…You get pregnant in one month.”
No sex
According to the astrologer, the reporter and his “wife” should not have sex during the time he doing the puja, which could last up to three days.
“I give you something…you put it under your pillow and follow my instructions I will give you after the puja and you will be pregnant after mingling (sex). You will get happiness and peace of mind.”
The puja, the astrologer said, will cost US$225 and it is guaranteed to work. To do the puja to fix the couple’s problems, the astrologer wanted the money (US$225) and photograph. He was willing to do the puja yesterday (Saturday) or even today, Sunday, as long as he is in possession of the photographs and money.
The astrologer was unaware that yesterday was a national holiday (May Day) but was willing to do the puja ceremony. He was unwilling to take the money in installments.
The reporter then revealed himself and presented his credentials to the astrologer. He explained that he was investigating several reports that persons had paid monies to get “help” but were dissatisfied.
On being questioned, the astrologer disclosed that he came to Guyana, that it was his first overseas trip from India, to help Guyanese.
No Approval
“Are you aware, sir, that to collect monies or donations in Guyana, that you may have to seek the approval of the authorities, including the Guyana Revenue Authority?” he was asked.
At this point, the astrologer said he was here to help people. Again the question was put to him and after it was repeated, he finally said that he is unaware that permission is required from the authorities.
He disclosed that he was granted a three-month visa to visit Guyana. While not denying he had received huge sums of money from several persons, the astrologer claimed that he never received any complaints from “anyone”.
He was willing to visit GRA tomorrow and query whether approvals will have to be given to collect monies.
So far, there are advertisements on the television and in at least one daily of the astrologer’s services. Another similar astrology operation is also said to be held at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara.
Kaieteur News has refused to carry such advertisements placed in its pages, after suspicions arose that it was a fraudulent scheme.
A Mahaica businessman claimed that he recently paid $46,000 to the astrologer for a “guide”(protection) to ensure that an extension to his home was blessed and work would progress without any disruptions.
Then there was the contractor who claimed that he paid US$225 for his daughter to get well.
“Three weeks pass and she still feel sick. I went back to him (the astrologer) and he seh that we gun have to do a bigger puja. I know then that something fishy. I met a woman outside his office and she complain that she pay he $96,000 to fix a sore pun she foot. Two weeks pass and it ain’t get better.”
Several persons have since come forward and have disclosed visits to the astrologer but admitted that the hefty sum being charged was a problem.

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