Makeshwar Fip Motilall: Contractor or Grocery Salesman

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As investigations continue into Synergy Holdings Inc. headed by Makeshwar Fip Motilall, even more questions surface.
This newspaper previously reported that even though the company has had a vested interest in the Amaila Hydro Electric Project for some time now, Motilall is now constructing an office in Guyana.
He is no longer building the hydro electric plant. Rather he was awarded the US$15M road project leading to the hydro site.
Synergy Holdings Inc Head Office address is listed on the website as 951 Sansbury’s Way, Suite 204 West Palm Beach Forida in the United States of America.
That address is also listed for Synergy Energy Solutions, Inc. Both companies list on their website that they are building a hyrdro power plant in Guyana despite the fact that Winston Brassington has already clarified that Sithe Global will be undertaking the project.
This newspaper visited the address listed at the Head Office only to realize that it is located in a Shopping Plaza and in the identified suite 204, Hindu religious paraphernalia (pooja) and garments are sold there.
Identified on a business card for Liberty Foods International Grocery Store is Fip Motilall and that business is at Unit 203, 951 Sansbury’s Way, Suite 204 West Palm Beach Forida meaning that the two businesses operated by Motilall sit side by side in the Shopping Plaza.
Motilall is expected to build a road that will require construction to high standards and will require significant maintenance during construction, as it will be the only access for all earthmoving and construction equipment, some of which will be sizeable.
While President Bharrat Jadgeo contends that the evaluation team of technical financial analysts and engineers has determined that Motiall has the necessary expertise to undertake the project, Motilall is yet to appease the public that he can undertake the project and his track record of building anything is yet to raise hope.
According to the contract, the Motilall contractor had to meet various criteria.
He was required to identify similar large scale project experience over the previous five years citing “examples of scope of work, project location and costs,” as well as “references and credentials; including contact information for project managers and/or owners with whom he has worked.”
Fip Motilall was also required by the conditions of the contract, to submit details on the equipment and machinery that he owned and which would be needed.
When asked by this newspaper for a copy of what was provided by Motilall to satisfy the requirements Brassington had refused.
The earliest mention of Synergy Holdings Inc. is in the State of Minnesota, USA in 1997.
In a press conference held at the Tower Hotel in Georgetown on July 24, 2006, Prime Minister Hinds noted that Motilall had been working with a number of North American partners as early as 1996 to pursue a hydropower development at Amaila Falls to supply the local electricity grid. The following year (1998), Synergy teamed up with Harza Engineering Company (now called MW Harza Global), and was given the exclusive right to investigate the project with a view to ultimate development.
Synergy Holdings Inc. was required to submit a Feasibility Report and a Final Environmental Impact Assessment Report.
These reports from Synergy Holdings Inc., were the basis on which a Confidential Review of Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project Feasibility Study Report was done for the Government of Guyana, dated June 2002.
The report, prepared by Kaehne Consulting Ltd of Vancouver, Canada, disturbingly concluded, “With due respect to Synergy, it is obvious that this corporate entity does not have the financial or technical capability or the project development experience to develop the Amaila project.”
The Administration knew in 2002, from the Confidential Report, that Motilall and his Synergy Holding Inc. did not have the ‘financial or technical capability or the project development experience to develop the Amaila project’, but Motilall is still a major player; and was awarded the US$15 million contract in preference to other internationally recognized companies with experience, who submitted tenders to build the project.
The following companies were all registered in the State of Florida by Makeshwar Fip Motilall (Source: Public Record Data – Department of State – Division of Corporations):
Tropical Aquaculture was registered as a Fictitious Name on August 14, 2002; Desain Ranch Inc. was incorporated on Friday, March 26, 2004 and is currently active; Cabbage Woods Ranches Inc. was incorporated on Thursday, May 06, 2004 and is currently active; Country Farm Estates Homeowners Association Inc. was incorporated on Tuesday, August 09, 2005 and is currently not active; Great Oaks Estates Inc. was incorporated on Thursday, June 23, 2005 and is currently active; Great Oaks Estates Property Owners Association was incorporated on Thursday, July 28, 2005 and is currently active; Liberty Foods of Palm Beach, Inc. was incorporated on Thursday, October 13, 2005 and is currently active; Synergy Holdings Inc. was incorporated on Friday, December 09, 2005 in the State of FL and is currently active; Timberland Estates Inc. was registered as a Fictitious Name on March 13, 2006; Synergy Energy Solutions Inc. was incorporated on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 in the State of FL and is currently active.
During 2008, M. Fip Motilall was Chairman of a committee to build a Mandir in his Palm Beach community of Florida.
From an update written by him on the Florida Hindu Cultural & Religious Association FHCRA website ( ) on January 22, 2008, and again on October 24, 2008, he informed the members that the Mandir Building Committee was working with the following groups: Civil engineer – Engenuity Group; structural engineers – SRI Consultants; architect – John Obarowski, and general contractors – Green & Gold Construction.
These companies were to prepare the earthwork, structural design for the building, building design to include electrical and plumbing, and the final construction of the Mandir.
It is indeed odd that neither Synergy Holdings Inc., nor Synergy Energy Solutions of which Fip Motilall is President and CEO, were named to provide any technical service for the construction of a Mandir that he was involved in.
The Mandir is yet to be built.

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