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Dear Editor,
My daughter obtained a Grade One in English A at the CSEC Examination. She went to the Teachers’ Training College Secondary at Rose Hall and majored in English. She then applied to UG Tain Campus with the intention of majoring in English. Sadly, she was told no English so she is now majoring in Social Studies which she had to accept or leave.
Sir, students are paying and should be able to access the subject of their choice instead of accepting one they have little interest in which is likely to lead to failure.
This situation has been in existence at the Tain Campus for a long while and should be corrected by the administration with some urgency.
It seems that all teachers attending the University at Tain are forced to major in Social Studies. In time, our schools will have too many graduates in Social Studies and too few in English as is the case with Math Graduates.
He who pays the Piper calls the tune.
Ameer Bacchus

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