Dem boys seh….Jumbie bee bite Robeson

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Nobody ain’t got right to suffer these days. In fact, nobody should complain about being unemployed. Dem boys seh that all dem who thiefing putting dem whole life at risk because dem got other ways to mek money.

Imagine a man come from India, till from India because he hear that Guyanese believe in spirits. De man come and tie up he head. Then he start fuh announce how he can cure people.

He tell a man who got children how de same man can’t mek children. He tell a woman how she mustn’t have sex fuh three days if she want to mek children.

De bubble burst when dem boys walk up to he, ask he if he know wha dem thinking, and then tell he something that mek he eye pop open.

And if dem boys think he is de only one who going bout things in de wrang way, dem had to see Robeson. Bees bite he Saturday. He break down things till he go in Le Repentir to demolish a bees nest.

Dem never see a big man run so fast. Dem boys see when de man freeze; then dem see he start fuh slap; then he run. He nearly fall in an empty tomb.

Last night dem boys see he picking out sting and rubbing methylated spirits wheh dem bee sting he. And of course, dem see he cry fuh de fuss time.

Talk half. Lef half.

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