Who is being dishonest?

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Dear Editor,
Who is being dishonest, BCGI or GB&GWU? Somebody is not telling the truth and abusing the newspapers to propagate their lies.
This is being disrespectful to the readership and those interested in the truth. The liar must be exposed.
The Bauxite Company Guyana Inc. (BCGI) is owned by RUSAL and the Guyana Government. This truth has to be stated.
RUSAL cannot be treating bauxite workers badly without the support of its partner investor who is the Guyana Government.
On Thursday (10/12/2009) Kaieteur News reported BCGI saying 90 percent of the workforce returned to work and the company has exceeded production target. On Friday (11/12/2009) the newspaper carried the Guyana Bauxite and General Worker Union’s response which denied BCGI’s report and said the workers are still on strike and there could not have been any production surplus since no ore left the mines since the strike.
On Saturday (12/12/2009) the papers carried a story by BCGI denying the Union’s Friday story and presented figures of the number of workers back at work and production numbers to disprove the union’s denial of production at the mines.
After reading the various reports I am confused more than ever. Who is telling the truth? Who is lying? Are the workers back at work or not? If they are, is it the 90 percent reported by the company? Has the company surpassed production target?
Readers who relied on the assumed integrity of the company and union leaders are now not sure who to believe. This leaves the papers to bring the truth.
Can Kaieteur News help sort through the muddle by reporting from the site and not from issued statements by the company and the union, one of whom is definitely using the papers to spread its lies.
Winston E. Paul

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