Rousing from his slumber

December 13, 2009 | By | Filed Under Letters 

Dear Editor,
The ability of the President of the Guyana Bar Association – Mr. Teni Housty, to perform acrobatic maneuverings associated with his office needs to be commended.
His competence to handle the mantle of his colleagues was surely recognised as the most suitable person to faithfully execute their “noble programme”.
No one can deny that Mr. Housty has the gift as Rip Van Winkle to be able to hibernate for long periods, but yet he is versatile enough to activate his organs of sight and speech whenever it seems to suit his advantage.
He has now awakened to speak on the proposed legislation for the attainment of a Practice Certificate before lawyers could perform their duties. But he chooses to close his eyes during the ongoing exposure of the nefarious actions of the rouge attorney-at-law and supporting team.
Luckily, Guyanese are awake, and are dumbfounded with the whims and fancies of those “exalted ones” who operate in a non cleansing system to enunciate that the population has no right to border or meddle with the independence of the legal profession.
Ironically, many occupiers of that unfettered profession fetch their baggage of self instilled superiority, and traverse into the political sphere to cause the well assigned mayhem in our beloved country.
Regretfully, it is widely known that, because of their rapaciousness many of those professionals pray on the misfortunes of persons who seek justice in the courts; and I often wonder whether they are in adherence with any religious thoughts, because my own experiences have taught me that remorse is a non-issue for them.
Nonetheless, I am awaiting a possible response from the President of the Bar Association.
Prakash Persaud

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