Region Ten emerged from the 2006 elections as one of the biggest political ironies

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Dear Editor,
I am encouraged to see that the public discussion on the economic (security) development of Linden (Region Ten) has attracted the attention of some, and I hope more; as long as the objectives remain clear, it is likely that some of the questions being asked, as to what can be done to advance the town (region) beyond its present economic dilemmas, will be answered.
There is no questioning, that for a change in the town’s economic direction to occur; there must be a change of the social consciousness of the people; where many consider themselves helpless against the social compulsion and pressures, that they are faced with. It should be noted that this consciousness is naturally determined by the material conditions of our lives; so without changing what our understanding is, as to what passes for economic security of the town (region), then it is likely that our condition will remain and prevail.
My concern as a citizen of the town; especially from my generation forward, is that we are not properly preparing to handle the differences of an era, on which this town (region) was founded and built, and where those ideas of economic (security) development are now antiquated. One of those differences is how will we prepare financially for our future.
The idea of “go to school and get a safe, secure job with the company” was a good idea for people a few decades ago. Today everyone needs to go to school to learn to get a good job; but we also need to better understand how we can get economic security; which will require us being properly and better informed, as to how we can utilise what we have to achieve this.
One of the most noted hangovers of the bygone era of Linden (Region Ten) is the “dependency syndrome” (where many things were provided at little or no cost).
Maybe these economic upheavals that we are now faced with, could allow us to end such an era, and force a creative revolution upon us, where we see economic enterprising differently.
There are people who are already moving forward (Dr. Haynes comes to mind), and there are others who cling to ideas of the past. I am afraid that for people who still expect that their financial future is only the responsibility of others; they will only continue to disappoint themselves. This is why a change in our social consciousness is essential, and only then can Linden (region), begin to see more than just job security and become more concern about economic security.
In a December 8th letter captioned, “Linden’s potential is indeed great but has been continuously stymied by the present government”, Mr. Norman Browne ask the question “if I am sympathetic to the PPP” because unlike him I did not, “pluck” two paragraphs from Mr. Lincoln Lewis’s letter of October 19th, “We have sought to treat bauxite and sugar and their employees and communities…”, (which I must say was very informative), and who would do a much better job than I can; talking about the bauxite industry.
My first letter on this topic “Economic security for Linden not a hopeless dream”, I mentioned that there must be “a more aggressive approach to both social and political activism”.
Political activism not just towards one party but all the parties that were given political space in Linden (region), as I believe that the town/region emerged from the 2006 elections as one of the biggest political ironies; where one would have thought that after the people of the town/region broke tradition, and “almost equally” give their votes to the three political parties; maybe there would have been more political attention paid, especially as it relates to the town/region’s economic (security) development.
I am a bit disappointed that Mr. Browne would allow his opinions of me (which he is entitled to), to be shaped by someone who he himself had to correct; that I am no politician (much less, up in the hierarchy of any party). As a Lindener my only sympathies are for the people of Linden, whose desires are like mine (economic security is what we want).
I hope that Mr. Browne understands that, by me taking time to address his very unfortunate representation of me is time that both he and I along with others can work towards make economic security a reality for the town/region; where more is required, from ourselves and all of our politicians.
Sharma Solomon

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