Dem boys seh…People don’t strike in December

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Guyanese like a foreigner and every time de same foreigner does shaft dem. Dem had de man from East Coast who claim that he bringing wrestlers from de World Wrestling Federation.
People get wild because dem want see what dem seeing pun TV. De thing is that de same man who announce that he bringing de wrestlers con nuff people before and is a new scheme he coming wid every time.
He get skin up and people start fuh call back fuh dem money. De man announce that he postpone de date but de year done and de wrestl4ers never come and de man mek some money by conning.
This week dem boys hear that Vybz Kartel coming. Dem gyal get mad and run fuh buy fancy clothes and things like that. Dem tek money from de boys. But Vybz Kartel know he didn’t coming.
But dem who was promoting de show do all kind of thing pun de radio. Dem announce that if people want a free ticket dem had to answer dem phone ‘Gaza me seh’. Was sheer Gaza and Gully. Two new gang form.
Dem had people who was stupid enough to answer dem phone, “Gaza me seh” even when de show postpone.
This time dem boys seh that some security guard done buy things because dem did expect to get extra money. Some of dem carrying back de things but de shop not tekking back.
And dem boys seh that wid de six per cent, suddenly things raise because as soon as workers get a small piece de shopkeeper does want he small piece.
And dem fowls laying like mad but egg price gun still go up and dem fowl ain’t getting nothing extra. Dem planning to strike.
Ever notice that nobody does strike in December? Not even sugar workers?
Talk half. Lef half.

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