A gruesome act and all involved need to face charges

November 1, 2009 | By | Filed Under Letters 

Dear Editor,
I’m shocked, appalled and mystified by the front page picture of a 14-year-old boy that was brutalized and tortured by the hands on the law enforcement officers of Guyana. This is without a doubt a slap in the face of every poor Guyanese, which unfortunately is over 80% of the population.
Just to clarify and get my point off, it seems that Guyana has a government that gives its police force blinded autonomy to operate with disregard, harass and ill-treat the poor of the country.
Regardless of what their so called motive behind this type of barbaric act may be, the fact is, it was a gruesome act and all involved need to face charges.
The time has surely come for the government to exercise some sort of control and show the people they are truly committed to revamping the police force. There needs to be checks and balances.
I’ve spoken to several people across the United States from Florida to Georgia, New York to Illinois and the common feeling is one of disgust.
It seems as though the people of Guyana are timid, soft, weak, introverted and sad to say, like to be taken advantage of. Could you imagine if something like that happened in Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados or god forsake the United States. You would have riots, boycotts, charges, firings from the Commissioner to the Minister. But the fact is, Guyanese are a weak people that historically have never really stood up to people in power.
I hope that this changes things, the eye of the world is looking down on Guyana, it’s really interesting to see what the Democratic government of Guyana does.
Dillon DeRamos

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