Guyana Legion gears for another Remembrance Day

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President of the Guyana Legion, Col (Ret’d) Carl Morgan yesterday told members of the media that vast majority of young people know nothing about Remembrance Day or why you wear a “poppy”.


President of the Guyana Legion, Col (Ret'd) Carl Morgan (fourth from right) with other members of the Legion

President of the Guyana Legion, Col (Ret

His comments came during a press conference hosted by the Guyana Legion and aimed at highlighting Remembrance Day and the significance of wearing a “poppy”.
He said that the “poppy” has its origin since in World War 1. In 1921 it was modified as symbol of sacrifice, but later became a symbol of remembering soldiers who served in the different wars. Morgan noted that some Guyanese soldiers have served in the two World Wars.
Guyanese therefore regard the poppy as something to be worn during Remembrance Week in November and during an Armistice Day Parade. The Commonwealth has now come to accept its much wider meaning.
The poppy is a white flower but this symbolic red flower represents the blood that stained the flowers on the battlefield of Flanders Field during the First World War.
Moreover Morgan said that the misconception of the poppy even extends to the Guyana Legion.
He said that most people see the Guyana Legion as an organisation of old men who went to serve in the different wars.
But that is far from the truth, Morgan said. He added that is not an exclusive club for military veterans.
It has always been an open organisation whose membership included not only the military veterans but also veterans of the paramilitary organisation and civilians who accept and actively support the policies, aims and objections of the Guyana Legion.
The Guyana Legion receives major grants from the Royal Canadian Legion. It promotes unity among veterans and also fosters the spirit of comradeship.
It also ensures the social and economic well being and welfare of the members especially the elderly, disabled and the destitute.
It also tries to perpetuate the memory of the gallant men and woman who have suffered or died for the Commonwealth nations.
The Legion also tries to see that all monies raised or contributed from any source for the welfare of Ex-Servicemen and women or the widows, children and dependents of those who have served are utilized for that purpose and not devoted to any other.
Another aim of the Legion is to establish and maintain a Provident Fund.

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