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Dear Editor,
I was astounded by an article in the SN at page 11 headlined, “Police search for teen boy in alleged soliciting case”.
The SN quotes Crime Chief Seelall Persaud as telling the newspaper that, “the police force launched an investigation based on a report by McCoy who handed over a copy of the recorded conversation”.
It is only in Guyana where an alleged perpetrator can make a report and have the police launch an investigation against the victim. In any civilised country, it would be the other way around.
But it is my view that this so-called police action is to silence the reports of this sickening and sordid episode and to drive such fear into the youngster that no case can be prosecuted against Kwame.
You see the recent tactic of the Government is to get its supporters to launch libel suits against exposure by the media of the corrupt activities of said supporters.
Compliant and pliable Courts ignore established legal precedent and grant ex-parte injunctions in favour of these persons even though what they have been accused of is and can be proven to be true, thus ensuring that the media is shut up.
Kwame however has a problem. It is his own voice and statements made thereby that condemn him. The media reports are only of his own statements.
In fact he has never denied that it was his voice. It is his own statements which have brought him into further public disrepute. So there is no libel. Any lawyer worth his salt will know this. Kwame will have the devil’s job in finding a serious lawyer willing to stake his reputation on a case like this.
But I have to ask the learned Crime Chief, what crime is this minor supposed to have committed, that would cause the police to investigate?
Have you people no shame? Should you not be directing your energies and the tax-payers’ money into the investigation of Dr Ramsammy and his alleged connections with self-confessed drug trafficker Roger Khan?
I have listened to this recording over 10 times and I have come to the inevitable and inescapable conclusion that the voice on the recording is the real McCoy.
Bibi K. Nandram

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