Norway lauds Guyana’s forestry initiative

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Guyana is venturing into new territory with its Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) and it is a model-building exercise that will have challenges.

This is according to Shyam Nokta, Adviser to the President and Head of the Office of Climate Change.

Addressing a key workshop comprising of local and foreign experts from climate and forestry fields, the official acknowledged that the road will not be easy since “we are in a sense, charting a new course, there is no formula or blue-print to follow, rather we are developing this to suit our needs and conditions….”

The workshop was conducted at the Guyana International Convention Centre, Lilendaal, East Coast Demerara, on Monday and Tuesday.

Participants considered, among other things, Guyana’s work on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) and its readiness for a monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system.

Also making a presentation at the workshop was Marte Nordseth, Senior Adviser of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative. Norway is one of the key countries backing Guyana’s move to use its forests for carbon financing.

Nordseth reminded that one of the main goals still to be achieved include a comprehensive and ambitious climate agreement including REDD while at the same time reducing emission and while preserving biodiversity.

She recognized that Guyana has demonstrated the political will and leadership internationally and nationally with the LCDS and Norway is willing to cooperate if

there is a proper systems of MRV, an international finance mechanism, a LCDS and multi-stakeholder consultations. It will also have to include sustained efforts to avoid deforestation and forest degradation and the strengthening of an open, transparent forestry governance.

Guyana has started work on a number of these benchmarks with the launching of the LCDS back in June.

Also making presentation yesterday was Commissioner of Forestry, James Singh.

Present in Guyana from overseas for the workshop were representatives from the Clinton Foundation, US Forestry Service, Canadian Forestry Service, Winrock International, Food and Agricultural Organisation, Australia Department of Climate Change, UNDP, World Resources Institute, ESRI and the Meridien Institute.

Locally, there were representatives of the Guyana Energy Authority, Guyana Lands and Survey and Guyana Forestry Commission, among others.


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