Shame on those sons who abuse their mothers

July 27, 2009 | By | Filed Under Letters 

Dear Editor,

Many years ago, I taught voluntarily at the David Rose School for the Handicapped and those children were adorably loving and kind.

I spent from childhood to adulthood with a foster mother and we had shared a bond of mother and son although we were not biologically connected.

Shame on the sons who physically, psychologically, emotionally and sexually abuse their mothers! Alcohol, narcotics and being slightly retarded are no excuse for your behaviour.

Where are those organisations that stand up for the rights of women? How much longer must these women, blessed by God to bear children, suffer?

It is know that some mothers beg the police or magistrate to give their offending sons a chance – a chance to beat the hell out of them again and again.

Dear Mothers, look at the fingers on your hands – they are not all of the same length and if you lose one, the hand is still functional.

When you keep begging the authorities to pardon your sons, who exercise cruelty against you, your own relatives back off.

Eventually, everyone refuses to assist in rectifying the situation.

You have to learn to let go. Forget about having borne that ingrate for nine months and losing sleep to feed him on time during the early months of his life.

Forget about having watched the sun rise, while holding him in your arms when he was ill. Forget about having turned a blind eye toward the wrongs he had done while he was growing up – those wrongs which eventually turned him into this monster.

I say to every son who abuses his mother in any form, that he is cursed – whether he is sane, insane or retarded. I would go as far as saying that he is possessed by evil because his behaviour is not of God.

Every Religious Text speaks about honouring mother and father.

Stephen M. Monasingh

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