Top achievers at Grade Six Assessment Examination

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Eighty-five candidates were able to secure scores high enough to be placed in the top one percent of the 2009 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA). And according to Minister of Education, Shaik Baksh, the regional distribution of candidates saw a total of 119 being drawn from the District of Georgetown, 20 from Region Three, 15 from Region Six, 11 from Region Four, Nine from Region Two, Five from Region Five, four from Region 10 and one each from Regions Nine and Seven.
None of the top candidates was drawn from Regions One and Seven, according to the Minister.


Larissa Wiltshire – Top Student

Larissa Wiltshire has been described as an “all rounder” by her parents and teachers. Wiltshire, who attends Mae’s Under Twelve Primary, placed first at the NGSA. She attained a total of 567 marks. She is expected to attend Queen’s College.
She was greeted with the news of her accomplishment at her graduation yesterday afternoon and claimed that she was very surprised after hearing the news. She attributed her success to her studying, parents and teachers of the Mae’s School. The top student said that she will be following in her mother’s footsteps.
Her mother, Justice Roxanne George, said that her daughter was never really a “bookish child” but has really done herself well.
Her father, Garfield Wiltshire, said that he was always expecting Larissa to do well. Larissa has being deemed the best graduating student of the Mae’s Primary School. She was the second runner up for the sports person of the year award.

Samantha Rocke
Eleven-year-old Samantha Rocke of South Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, Georgetown, was speechless yesterday afternoon, after learning that she was placed within the country’s top ten performers.
Rocke, a student of St. Margaret’s Primary, came in second place at the NGSA. She gained a total of 565 marks, which secured her a position at Queen’s College.
Rocke said that she never really expected to be placed so high, but admitted that she worked very hard.
“I never really expected to be in the top ten, but I put my mind to work hard”.
She said that she would wake up about 4:00 am and stayed up until 7:00am before starting to prepare for school.
Rocke said that she would still study in the afternoons after coming home from school. She also attributed her success to her parents who always encouraged her to do her best. Rocke said that her father had told her before the examination that if she finished within the top 35 she would be going to an annual church camp.
“Seeing that I came in second I know for sure that I would be going” Rocke said with smiles.

Elijah Bobb
Having completed an entire day of sporting activities at the Everest Cricket Club Ground,
12-year-old Elijah Bobb was greeted with the news that he placed third among the country’s top ten candidates in the NGSA.
Elijah, in the company of his proud parents, told this newspaper that at the end of the sport the head teacher of his School, the New Guyana School, announced that he placed third in the country.
“When I heard the news I was not surprised because I knew I worked hard and I was expecting to get a top place,” Elijah said.
Elijah, who is yet to decide on what area of studies he would like to pursue, said he worked very hard in preparation for the examination and now that results are out, he can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy his August vacation.
However, with a bold smile and smart glance at his parents, Elijah said he would enjoy his holiday a little more if his collection of video games was enhanced a bit as an incentive for his efforts.

Sasha Williams
While this newspaper was unable to make contact with joint fourth place finisher, Sasha Williams, of Mae’s Under 12, her teachers and classmates described her as a focused student whom they expected to do well.
With her score of 562 marks, she shares the fourth position of this year’s assessment with one other candidate.
Abhinmanyu Dev
At the age of nine, Abhinmanyu Dev, of the Leonora Primary School, is arguably one of the youngest students in this country that has been listed among the top performers of the NGSA.
He shares the fourth position with Sasha Williams of Mae’s Under 12. They both were able to score a total of 562 marks.
Dev, with a humble disposition, related to this newspaper yesterday that he was satisfied with his outstanding performance, even as he attributed his success to assistance he received from his parents Ravi and Padmini Dev.
He also credited his teacher, Miss Latchmin Gopaul for offering much guidance.
The young lad, who was featured in this newspaper Special Person Feature, said that he learnt of his success from his teacher and recalled that he was very excited as he always had a desire to attend Queen’s College.
The aspiring Scientist and West Indies Cricketer of Ocean View, Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara, related to this newspaper that he is following the lead of his sister, Anuradha Dev who was the number one candidate when she participated in the NGSA three years ago.

Somanth Heeralall

Twelve-year-old Somanth Heeralall of Annandale Primary School was greeted with the news of placing among the country’s top ten just as he was clearing the immigration area at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri.
He shares the sixth top position with two other persons.
Somanth, who spoke with this newspaper briefly because he was about to board a flight destined for the US, said that he was very excited about the news.
This aspiring doctor said that his hard work during preparation has finally paid off and he will definitely try to enjoy his vacation abroad.
Khajal Parasnath
Twelve-year-old Khajal Parasnath who also shares the sixth place is anxiously awaiting her parents’ decision on whether she will be allowed to go overseas for vacation after making them proud.
For Khajal, she said she never expected to be placed among the top ten, but she was definitely excited at the news.
Having been given a place at Queen’s College, Khajal said she will make the best of the opportunity given to her, for a sound secondary education.
Khajal preparation for the examination was not difficult at all, since she said all she did was revise her notes and at every exam she put her best foot forward. It has all paid off.
She added that she hopes her fellow students who are now preparing for the examination will use her as a motivation to keep her school, the Dharmic Rama Krishna Primary School, in the top ten.

Darius Ali
This Marian Academy student who also shares the sixth place said the news came to him as no surprise.
With a joyful expression, Darius said his first reaction to the news was “I beat my sister”.
Darius said his sister wrote the NGSA and had placed 11th. And this fact was his motivation to do well.
“I wanted to do better than her and during my preparation for the exams I kept telling myself that I would do better than her and I did,” Darius rejoiced.
The 12-year-old who couldn’t stop smiling said he is thankful to his teachers for the extra work they did with him and his classmates who were preparing for the exam.
He said now that all is over he is preparing for life in Secondary school which he speculated will be hard work. Although he will be attending Queen’s College, Darius said he would rather stay at his old school to which he has grown accustomed over the years.
For his success he says he owes it all to his teachers and more so his parents who have also been supportive.
Raman Arjune
Twelve-year-old Raman Arjune said when the Ministry of Education called his school to inform them of his grades he was more than surprised.
Arjune, a student of Edinburg Primary in Region Six, said he was confident he would have passed after completing the assessment.
Like the other top students, Raman said his wish was to obtain a place at Queen’s College and that has been granted and he will definitely be making the best of the opportunity given to him.
“I always saw Queen’s College as the top school and I wanted to go there because I think they have a lot of opportunities there,” Raman said.
Raman said, given the fact that school is out for the next two months, he will try his best to enjoy the August vacation.
This aspiring Scientist said now that he has kept up the trend of making his parents proud, he will be enjoying a trip during the August vacation to the Kaieteur Falls.

Tonya Alves
Tonya Alves, who shared the ninth place spot, anxiously waited in her classroom for her results to be handed to her yesterday. She gained a total of 559 marks and has secured a spot at Queen’s College. Alves said that she worked hard for her exams.
“I’m very excited at my achievement, I know this would make my parents happy and proud of me” Alves said.
The student of Mae’s Under-12 said that she never went to extra lessons, but would get up and study really hard. She also thanked the teachers and her parents for her success.

David Ramroop
“Prayer’s move mountains and I truly believe that,” said 11-year-old David Ramroop, when he expressed his feelings about his performance at the assessment.
He was able to secure 559 marks, sharing the ninth place position with four others. The devoted member of the Eccles Assembly of God Church, said that he prayed every night and studied immensely.
He however noted that he was surprised when he first learnt of his success. “It was unbelievable, words cannot explain,” he noted.
The young Ramroop who lives with his grandmother, Pearly Sookhoo and Uncle Norman Sookhoo at Eccles, East Bank Demerara, said that he was also inspired to do well by his grandfather who died two years ago. He said that in addition to the assistance he got from his teachers, Miss Nirpattie Outar and Grace Griffith, his grandfather had helped him with lots of difficult assignments during their time together.
The lad, who is the son of Guyana Defence Force Accountant, Sharon Sookhoo, said that while he has not chosen a career path, he anticipates that he would venture into the Science or Mathematic streams.

Lisa John
Twelve-year-old Lisa John displayed her intellectual ability for the country in 2008 when she emerged Champion when the Rotary Club of Stabroek, Georgetown, orchestrated a National Spelling Bee competition.
With 559 marks, John has claimed the second place position at her school and ninth place for the country, a position she shares with four others.
John  of Grandveldt, Leonora, West Coast Demerara, said that she was shocked at first when she heard the news but noted that she had expected to do well.
She like Dev, said that she was greatly assisted by her class teacher, Miss Latchmin Gopaul, who she noted ensured that they completed the syllabus early in order to have time for early revision.

Her parents, Gerald and Gem John, also contributed considerably to her success, as did members of the church which her father is the pastor.
The aspiring Bank Manageress said that she plans on attending Queen’s College.

Ashmini Persaud
Although she was described as a naturally brilliant pupil by her Headmaster, Mr. Sooknarine Kanhai, and class teacher Mr. Prameshwar Deonarine, 11-year-old Ashmini Persaud of Lima Village, in an interview with this newspaper said upon learning of her stellar performance at this year’s grade six assessment

examination she felt happy, although she never expected to cop a place in the first ten.
Ashmini said that it was with the encouragement of both her parents.
Ashmini’s mother, Nalini, said that her daughter had also excelled in the last spelling ‘B ‘competition and topped the region.
Ashimni said that leading up for the preparation to her exams, she studied at least one hour and took a break on the last week before the examination. She says she wants to become either a banker or a doctor and she is encouraging her fellow students to ‘study hard and always hope for the best while centering their thoughts on the positive.

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