Mentally challenged man puts scare of death in Linden woman

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Marcia Rudder

Marcia Rudder

A young woman of Siberien, Linden, has said that she is scared for her life following an encounter with a man of unsound mind. She is asking those in authority to remove this man and others like him, from the streets, where they constantly harass and threaten people.
According to Marcia Rudder, who is a fruit vendor on Coop Crescent , she was conversing with two women on Monday afternoon in the vicinity of Adams Boat Landing, when the mentally ill man began advancing menacingly towards her with a long knife. He was shouting, “Is me you talking to? I gon kill you  s****t; you and Jimmy son girl! You want a cut you belly out? I don’t like certain f****ing people. You want I go to jail for you today!”
Rudder said that as the man continued his mad and vulgar tirade with sexually explicit language, her friend, Onika, told her, “Marcie run for your life!”
“I moved, and went around the plantain chip girl cart, but she said, ‘Don’t come here’” Rudder reported.
Meanwhile, the commotion had attracted passersby on Coop Crescent, who reportedly gathered around laughing.
“I could have been killed by this man, who incidentally goes by the name of “Killa” and these people were laughing. They got to be sick!”
Fortunately for the woman, a public-spirited citizen who was passing by, helped her escape in a taxi, which took her to the Mackenzie Police Station.
Rudder said that she reported the matter, and her abuser was subsequently picked up by the police.
The woman said that to her surprise, however, the man was back on the street within a couple of minutes, and began abusing her afresh, threatening to kill her for reporting him to the police.
“I want the government to get these mad people and drug addicts off the streets. I think it is time that they spend some money to address this issue, before these people start killing people in the streets,” Rudder declared vehemently.
Mentally ill persons, mendicants and drug addicts are frequently seen roaming the streets of Linden. Some of them have even been seen loitering around schools and other public facilities.
Most of them are dirty, smelly and so scantily clad, that little is left to the imagination.
Lindeners have time and again voiced their concerns about this situation, all to no avail.
Some residents have posited that if a fraction of  the money that is constantly being spent by Government to rehabilitate “rehabilitated works” be put towards rehabilitating these unfortunate people,  this community would be a better and safer  place for all.

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