Amputee issues murder threat in court

June 25, 2009 | By | Filed Under News 

A 36-year-old male amputee had his matter transferred to Court Two on Tuesday, but not before he issued a threat to commit murder. He has been remanded.
Bernard Luckhoo, of Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara, appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson to answer charges of assaulting an elderly man called ‘Ovid’ on America Street, on Monday last.
Luckhoo pleaded guilty to the charge, but offered an explanation.
He told the court that on the day in question he was walking along America Street when he noticed Ovid walking in an apparent drunken stupor. He said the man was ‘staggering all over the place’ and in so doing bumped into him (Bernard Luckhoo) and they both fell to the ground.
Luckhoo said as a result he sustained a gash to the head which angered him. He said he got up and in a fit of anger punched the man to his mouth.
Ovid, however, said that he had just purchased a box of food from a vendor on America Street and was making his way home when Luckhoo suddenly ran up to him and punched him to the mouth.
As detailed by court officials, Luckhoo was previously charged for a similar incident in which he slapped a female without probable reason.
Even as Ovid was making his representation in court, Luckhoo was observed by all muttering murderous threats before exploding, “Next time I come hey is for murda…” much to the surprise of the entire court.
Before this occurred Ovid was indicating that he had never been to court and only wanted the magistrate to warn Luckhoo.

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