Canada-based Vieira says he is ready

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– prefers Group 3, but worried about new rule

Having travelled all the way from Canada, motor racer Paul Vieira told Kaieteur Sport that he is looking forward to the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club season opening Meeting, scheduled to be held on May 3, at the South Dakota Circuit.
The speedster, who arrived last Saturday for the engagement said that even though he is not too happy with the group classifications, the mere fact that he is here is sure testimony to his love and commitment to the sport which he has been involved in all his life.
Having come from a background where his father, uncles and brother (Mark), who all has at some stage in their lives been involved in the sport, said he finds it difficult to stay away from it and this is despite the huge financial and other related sacrifices he has to make to remain competitive.
“The sport is a very expensive and unpredictable one, but we all do it for the love of it,” Paul mentioned.
Touching on the group classification, Vieira, who disclosed that he arrived with some amount of components to improve the car’s ability to compete with its rivals, pointed out that he was a bit peeved with the new development which obviously places a few drivers at a disadvantage, while a few others have benefited.
Asked which of the categories he intends to compete in, he hesitantly responded by saying that he would like to match skills with fellow competitors in Group 3, but is uncertain as to whether the new rule will prevent him from doing so.
He was up in arms on the weights for the cars which has been increased and now seems to have complicated matters.
“My car can only reach a maximum of between 270-280 horsepower even with the additional weights whereas cars in the same group can possess around 300-350 HP easily,” Vieira revealed.
The Canada-based speed merchant is still, however, optimistic that he can be competitive come next Sunday.
“Since the last Meeting, I learned a few things about the car including what is needed to be more competitive and I’ve since bought some stuff to improve speed so everything should be okay.”
Vieira drives a 1991 Mazda RX7 and he disclosed that it is a genuine Group 3 car.
His performance at the last Meeting was very impressive and he is hoping for a repeat of those results.

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