Passengers feel brunt of police campaign

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As a result of the rigorous traffic campaign by the traffic department of the Guyana Police Force, passengers from the West Bank and East Bank of Demerara are facing the brunt of the situation.
Some frustrated passengers told Kaieteur News last evening that they were left stranded at the bus parks for hours, because the police had impounded most of the minibuses for not adhering to the various traffic laws.
One passenger, who prefers to remain anonymous, told this newspaper that while he understands that the police need to do their job, the passengers cannot be placed in such a situation, where after coming off from a hard day’s work they are left stranded on the road, with no minibuses.
The frustrated passenger added that the working class people pay enough taxes to have proper access to transportation in the afternoon, and as such the police and the minibus drivers need to sort out their problems in order to bring some relief to the travelling public.
He explained that when a minibus does arrive at the park, there is much hustling and bustling by passengers to get in the bus, and as a result, many ‘pick pockets’ take a stand.
Only recently the traffic department commenced an aggressive campaign of penalizing minibuses that have markings and paintings on them that are not approved by the Prescribed Authority.
The buses were given until February 15 to comply with the regulation. This deadline was later extended to March 15.
A statement from Police Headquarters, Eve Leary had said that the force wishes to advise the general public that in furtherance of its new traffic management plan and in efforts to deal with the placing of drawings and slogans on minibuses, which are in some instances of a lewd nature and which is of concern, an amendment has been made to ensure that “No writing, marking, drawing or other material shall be placed on a motor vehicle except those approved by the Prescribed Authority.”

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