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…Artistes deliver high class packages

Despite the fact that US artiste T-PAIN at the last minute dropped out of the Mash night mega concert, hundreds turned up at the GCC Ground on Monday night and were treated to high class performances by both the local and international artiste lineup.

China based Guyanese artiste, Jermaine Mc Beam wooed the festive audience.

China based Guyanese artiste, Jermaine Mc Beam wooed the festive audience.

With a small crowd at the venue, the show began sometime around 22:00 hrs with opening act China based Guyanese singer, Jermaine Mc Bean, whose antics and ultra melodious renditions found favour with the audience to which he was an entirely new face.
This singer truly possessed natural entertainment charisma as was noted by many and soon had the audience either dancing to his vibrations or singing along in unison.
With zest and true fire he exploded with ‘Love and Affection’, ‘August Town’, and ‘Gully Side’, made popular by the Morgan Heritage group out of Jamaica.
Wooing a lucky female much to the crowd’s delight, he closed his act amidst loud applause from the audience. Around this time the audience had increased considerably, eagerly awaiting the appearance of the next act.
Next to come was the new Soca Monarch Queen, Shellon ‘Shelly G’ Garraway who stormed the stage sporting a new sophisticated look. Taking a change from her customary two piece skimpy costumes, the songstress this time around donned a figure hugging pants suit accentuated with glamorous fish net stockings and a smashing and fashionable black ‘go-go boots’ which she did not hesitate to ‘hop out of’ as she prepared for frenzied gyration.
Well of course she started off as expected with her hit single ‘Touch Me’ but quickly plunged into other spicy ballads inclusive of  ‘Swing It’, ‘Them Can’t Wuk Me’ and her Soca Monarch entry ‘Work It’, which included her special ‘daggering content’ that seemed to throw the large crowd in a frenzy. In the middle of her performance the crowd was plunged into hysterical laughter when the famous ‘Granny Fit’ sensation ‘Ivelaw Campbell’ stormed on stage performing some of his most hilarious dance routines. The crowd could not contain themselves when he took off his red, lacy underwear and spanked the unsuspecting entertainment journalist Mondale Smith who, tired from a day of Mash reveling, was perched beside the stage concentrating on recording the night happenings.
Intent on ‘keeping the soca fire burning’, the promoters next presented X’s 2 entertainers Adrian Dutchin and Jomo Primo, who created a ‘soca inferno’ never before experienced at the venue. Dressed in immaculate white costumes they performed their ‘Tick Tock’ special and of course ‘It it impossible’ which found favour with the ladies.
When they blasted away their hit single ‘Crazy’ the ladies went totally wild as they gyrated and trembled.
To top things off, the singers climbed on top of two stereo boxes where they launched into frenzied waist and hip demonstrations that had the audience screaming their heads off.
After performing a few more of their most rated singles, the singers were joined by Carib Soca Monarch runner-up , Melissa ‘Vanilla’ Williams, Celeste David and Junior Calypso third place winner  Tenecia De Freitas and Rhonda Dunbar, all four executing a sizzling backup dance that had the audience shouting their approval.

Sherwin Winchester and Maxi Priest deliver double excitement at the GCC Ground.

Sherwin Winchester and Maxi Priest deliver double excitement at the GCC Ground.

Then it was time for the international acts and who could better open this segment than Trinidadian Soca Monarch, Sherwin Winchester who brought his usual raunchy and energetic performance to the stage.
His act was entertaining, explosive and satisfying. Of course he never forgets to throw bottles of water in the crowd as he instructed them to ‘get wet’ as he belted out some of pieces inclusive of ‘Aliqua’, ‘Dead or Alive’, ‘Open the Gates’ and many others.
When he ended his act amidst thunderous applause from the crowd which had increased significantly, he was joined by Maxi Priest who with his hyperactive personality delivered a stimulating performance. While Winchester performed backup routines, Priest wooed the ladies with ‘Wild World’, ‘Whatever My Eyes Can See’ and some of his other hit singles to which the audience sang along in unison. The fact that he has gained a few pounds did noting to deter the ladies who were almost swooning from delight and admiration. One brave ‘ghetto gal’ went as far as grabbing onto the singer’s groin and massaging for all she was worth as the crowd screamed in wild abandon.
Peter Ram was a ‘real soca rammer’, ‘bigging up his ladies’ the moment he came on stage. He was much more of a ‘smooth operator’ but of course bridled with natural soca fire. As the audience screamed or either engaged in frenzied gyration, this entertainer belted out ‘White Pants Tight’, ‘Down the Road’, ‘Supervisor’ and the soca pieces he knew would truly engulf the festive audience. He was well applauded and made way for Biggie Irie who was loved especially by the ‘big girls’ who backed it up to show their appreciation or just jiggled their feminine curves. In their honour he sang ‘Big Girls’ as they waved and beamed with pride, and of course ‘Nah Going Home’ to remind the crowd of all night reveling. Choosing some of the more rated compositions he had on his platter he ensured his fans were ‘wet and satisfied’ when he exited the stage.
Serani as agreed by everyone ‘sang sheer stupidity’ with hardly any backup from the band. Whether it was planned or not was not clear but his back up singer missed several notes and was often off key.
Even his popular ‘It’s Serani’ and ‘Everywhere I Go’ lacked flavour and the singer seemed to have vocal problems as he screamed continuously into the microphone.
Maybe the promoters saved the best for last, because Jamaican dancehall king, Beenie Man surely ‘sent the adrenaline pumping’ as he stormed onto the stage full of smiles and super energy. The ladies screamed, jumped and some almost rent their clothing to pieces. He took them on a ‘scorching journey’ that reeked of dancehall fire and delivered an entertainment thunderstorm that ‘rocked the joint’, as expected.
His ‘Back it Up’ was well received by the super-excited Guyanese females. So was his ‘King of the Dancehall’ which saw several local lads in the crowd demonstrating in no uncertain terms that they too had dancehall crowns of their own.
When the dancehall king exited and the show came to a close, there were wet bodies all over with satisfied smiles mirroring their enjoyment as they struggled to catch their breaths from all the gyrating they delivered.

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