Man’s body found under Mon Repos bridge

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– foul play suspected

The body of Munilall Mangru, 42, a grass cutter who would earn extra income by doing miscellaneous jobs, was yesterday discovered under the bridge that joins Mon Repos to Triumph, East Coast Demerara.
Due to Mangru’s battered face and the positioning of the body beneath the bridge, many persons suspect there may have been foul play involved in his death.

Deceased: Munilall Mangru

Deceased: Munilall Mangru

A fisherman made the discovery while he was casting a net in the trench. While he was fishing, the fisherman noticed the body and immediately summoned the police.
The dead man’s mother, Sheila Sukdeo, said that she had not seen her son since Sunday last, at approximately 18:00 hours, when he said that he was going to collect some money which was owed to him.
Sukdeo said that she thinks that he may have been going to collect money which people owed him for cutting their grass. “In this type of work, people don’t always pay on time,” she said.
She said that some time between 9:00 and 10:00 hours yesterday, a boy from the neighbourhood came to her shop and told her that a body had been discovered under the bridge. The boy also added that he thought the body might be Mangru’s since there was a red bicycle similar to the one Mangru usually rode.
Sukdeo said that she could not bring herself to go and see the body herself, so she sent Mangru’s niece, Christine Ramnauth, to go and see if the body was indeed Mangru’s.
Ramnauth explained that when she went to the bridge, she could not get too close due to the police presence on the bridge and the crowd of people gathered there. “I had to wait until the people from Lyken’s (Funeral Parlour) came and moved the body, before I got to see it,” she said.
However, even when the body was being moved, she said that she did not get a clear view, since one of her neighbours pulled her away, not wanting her to see the remains.
One of Mangru’s other relatives said that she clearly saw the body. She noted that Mangru’s face was swollen, bruised and covered in black and blue marks. She also highlighted that the body was not haphazardly thrown under the bridge, but was tucked away in a very neat fashion. “He couldn’t have gotten there by himself; someone had to put him there,” she said.

The body of Munilall Mangru was discovered under this bridge in Mon Repos.

The body of Munilall Mangru was discovered under this bridge in Mon Repos.

He lived in the upper floor of his 134 Mon Repos North home, renting the lower flat to tenants. Speaking with this newspaper, the tenants also said that they had not seen him since Sunday last, but did not think anything of it because he was constantly moving around.
“With the kind of work he did, he would be all over the place,” said one of the tenants, but said that they had contemplated making a police report concerning his (Mangru) absence. They (tenants) said they were shocked when they heard of his death yesterday morning.
They pointed out that for the three months that they had been renting the lower flat of the house from Mangru, they had no problems with him. “We would live good,” said one of the tenants. She pointed out that oftentimes Mangru would keep things for them (tenants) in his fridge.
The police are awaiting the results of the post mortem examination of the body, which is expected later today.

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