Bulletins issued for suspects in the 2003 murder of pool table manufacturer

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The Guyana Police Force has issued wanted bulletins for three persons, Ravikar Sukhwa, called “ Ravi,” his brother, whose name is not known, and Jasmattie Persaud, called “Lynette.”
They say that the three are wanted for the murder of Dewan Singh, called “Squaddie,” which occurred at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara, on April 30, 2003.
The 41-year-old Singh was hacked to death in a cutlass attack.
Although the police never arrested the persons who actually committed the act, Persaud, a mother of two reportedly fathered by the victim, was charged with his murder.
At the preliminary inquiry into the murder, Persaud was discharged by Magistrate Brassington Reynolds at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court.
She immediately fled to neighbouring Suriname fearing that she would have been rearrested.
On April 30, six years ago, Dewan Singh, a pools table manufacturer, was brutally murdered when he reportedly responded to call from Persaud to visit her dwelling place at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara.
Singh’s reputed wife, Shazima Majeed, had in 2003, explained to Kaieteur News that someone had called her husband to the house in Good Hope New Scheme.
She said that it was her belief that the person who had made the call was responsible for Singh’s death.
Singh was chopped several times about the head and neck.
While no one claimed to have witnessed the attack, a source close to the scene of the crime had told this newspaper that Singh entered the yard and was immediately set upon by his attackers.
A neighbour claimed to hear a scream, but said that he did not see anyone.
A source at the Vigilance Police Station told this newspaper that the Director of Public Prosecutions had instructed that the suspects be re-arrested.

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