Another $234M approved for controversial Olympic size swimming pool

February 25, 2009 | By | Filed Under News 

The National Assembly yesterday approved another $234M for what is now a hotbed of conversation. It is the long awaited Olympic size swimming pool.
The sum was approved amidst relentless queries during the actual debates and now the scrutiny of the specific expenditures.
Alliance for Change Member of Parliament, David Patterson sought to query whether the design for the pool has been completed and according to the subject Minister, Dr Frank Anthony, the project encountered some glitches and had to be halted.
He added that the halt was centered on some difficulty on the groundwork.
According the Minister with responsibility for Sport, the engineers were currently reassessing and “shortly we will restart the project.”
He added that the majority of that $234M allocation was proffered in the 2008 budget and a minimal amount spent, hence its reallocation this year.
Dr Anthony said, however, that he was awaiting the technical advice of the engineers “before we proceed further.”
When Patterson sought to find out if the project would be retendered or if the same contractor will be used to complete the project, Dr Anthony pointed out that the contract was merely on hold.
According to the Minister, contrary to the positions in the public domain that there was no consultation prior to the construction of the pool, there was a “technical team that went in…they consulted with the swimming people before…the specifications were done to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards…we had people who were on the ground.”
During the debates Patterson had told the House that there were numerous problems associated with the pool and huge sums were wasted.

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