“Regular” prisoner again put away

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Forty-year-old Raymond Mohamed of Georgetown has been sent back to prison. Yesterday when a charge of simple larceny was read to him by Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson, the court heard that on Friday February 20, last, at Lamaha Street, he stole  one  discman, one cassette jack, one power supply and one gold scale, all belonging to Otenio King.
He pleaded not guilty to the offence.
He said that he and King live in the same yard, and that there were other people living there as well, so it could have been anyone.
“Your worship I am HIV positive and I troubling with tuberculosis. I need to take a medical. I didn’t steal anything from this man.”  But King said that he was at home when he saw the defendant in his car taking off his bonnet.
“Your worship, from where my bedroom window is situated, I could see everything that happens in my front yard. I saw this man pulling off my car bonnet. I went and loose my dog and then went to confront him. We went into a scuffle and when he attempted to jump over the fence I yelled out to my neighbors for their help. This is how this whole thing started.”
Once the Magistrate decided that she was going to transfer the matter to Court Six for a possible trial that could have resulted in a three-year jail term for the accused, Mohamed decided to change his plea to guilty.
He added that he was willing to go to prison for six months due to his illness. However, he was told that since he had appeared before the same Magistrate in court before for several such matters, he would now have to serve a 12-month sentence.
Not wanting to go to jail for so long a time, the defendant was reluctant to leave the court room. When police orderly in court tried to escort him out, he held on to the bars, tightly, at the same time speaking at the highest pitch of his voice.
In the end he was ‘towed’ away to prison by the two police officers that were present in court.

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