Hazel calls for more to be done for sports locally

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Eli Hazel, founder and coordinator of the Unity of the Nation Organisation in Berbice and Physical fitness trainer and Sports enthusiast, has made the call for authorities to do more for sports personalities in Guyana.

Hazel, who hails form Stanley Town in New Amsterdam, has been certified by the British S

Eli Hazel

Eli Hazel

ports Trust Harvard after being successful at a Community Sports Leaders Course. The course which was conducted in 2005, dealt with Sports Management, Marketing, Organizing, Coaching and Discipline in Sports.

Hazel graduated at the top of the class when the course which was held at the Sapodilla Learning Centre in Hope Town (Bel Air) West Berbice.

The course which was conducted by British citizen Edwin Joseph was funded by the British High Commission with the blessings of British High Commissioner at the time Steven Hiscock.

Speaking to the media recently, Hazel who was presented with a trophy for his excellent showing in the course, expressed his frustration in the way sports is conducted in the county.

Hazel, who is a fitness instructor and has been involved in the organising and promoting of sports in various parts of Guyana, feels that athletes are not been treated fairly in this country.

He said that not much is on offer for those who would dedicate themselves in their involvement in sports in one way or the other.

He noted that those who are in tasked with the administration of sports in Guyana in most cases are involved because of the fun of it or money or what ever benefit they can derive. Hardly persons are involved because they want to contribute something positive and tangible, he opined.

He also said that much time is spent by some to get themselves in order and qualified and in most cases they are overlooked.

Hazel also lashed out at the government for not doing much to help and not trying to get the right people involved.

He said government is putting money where it is not necessary.  He said that people with the right knowledge and expertise should be called upon to administer the various disciplines.

Managers and coaches should have all the prerequisites before being selected, but sad to say that is not the case in Guyana, and in most cases, friendship comes first in the selection of persons to represent this country he opined.

Hazel whose daughter Shondell also a graduated from the course and is a holder of the prestigious certificate, being the only Father and daughter to have completed the one year course, said he will continue to assist where ever he could.

The Sports Organiser, who has been organising Walks and fitness activities in recognition of Good Manners, World Health day, Fathers and Mothers among other significant observances, feels that there is need for a complete revamping of sports systems in Guyana, only then can Guyana make progress.

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