Berbice River Bridge on schedule for Tuesday opening

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Toll booths at the Berbice River Bridge.

Toll booths at the Berbice River Bridge.

The Berbice River Bridge will be opened to the public on Tuesday, as work continues at the structure. Despite heavy rains, works were ongoing at the bridge on Thursday last.
Bert Carter, one of the Directors of the Bridge project, said that, as was scheduled, the bridge will be handed over by the contractors on Monday and will be opened to the public on Tuesday.
He added that the inclement weather has been causing some disruptions to works, but this is not a major hindrance, he added.
While the access road on the eastern side of the bridge has been completed, there are still substantial works to be done on the western end.
However, this newspaper was told that at least one lane of traffic will be facilitated on the western side. Chairperson of the project, Geeta Singh-Knights, had said that assurances were given that the road will be prepared in order to facilitate vehicular traffic by the opening date.
Just under three weeks ago, the bridge was closed to marine traffic, as testing of the Retractor Span began. These tests have since been conducted ‘smoothly.’
The Berbice Bridge Company Incorporated (BBCI) has said that the contract for the construction of the bridge stipulates that the contractors are required to test the Retractor Span to confirm that everything is working properly.
The Retractor Span of the bridge is 70 metres long, the same as the Demerara Harbour Bridge.
There will be a scale at both ends of the bridge, and only vehicles weighing a maximum of 40 tonnes can traverse the bridge.
The formal opening will, however, be held next year January.
(Tusika Martin)

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