Anna Regina Multilateral School maintains excellent performance

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 The Anna Regina Multilateral School

The Anna Regina Multilateral School

In recent times, the Anna Regina Multilateral School has been making headlines with the success it has achieved at examinations both nationally and regionally.
The school’s success was again evident in the 2008 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate results. Three of its students were among the top ten of the country.
Rahul Lall obtained fourteen grades ones and two grades two, while his classmate Vickram Deonarine gained thirteen ones and two grade twos. Another student, Yashoda Narine, walked away with eleven ones.
This senior secondary school, situated at Cotton Field village, on the Essequibo Coast, was established in 1973.
Overwhelmed with joy at another outstanding year, Head teacher, Miss Mohni Ramlackhan, showered praises on her hard working staff who she said have played an essential part in her students’ successes. Miss Mohni, basking with pride, strongly believes that the Anna Regina Secondary School has certainly arrived.
With a warm smile she shared with Kaieteur News the rich history of the school identifying some basic academic facts about the school’s top achievers over the years. According to her, the school has inherited a good system and continues to work with it. Concerning the preparation for the CSEC examinations which students wrote in May-June of this year, she said no extra lessons were offered to the fifth formers of the school.  Students who, however, attended lessons did so of their free will.
Acting Deputy Head, Sir Shadoe said that students who wrote the examination capitalized on their lunch hours and break periods to study.
During those short periods, both teachers and students spent quality time confronting the most difficult subjects. Those hours spent together, he believes, prepared students for the success which they have achieved.
Senior Mistress Judy Lall said that she started her teaching career at the age of sixteen, in 1973. Choosing her words carefully, she described both Rahul and Vickram Deonarine as quiet, smart and witty.
She also said that both students loved a challenge. Miss Lall taught both boys Literature and English A. She stressed that  Rahul and Vickram both have a good command of the English language and also exhibited a fondness for reading. 
She says she is most proud when she sees her students excel as it gives her the greatest satisfaction.
The Anna Regina Multilateral School offers eight additional subjects at the fifth form level.
The school is also involved in a school feeding program of which the prefect body is a part . According to Miss Lall, last year the prefect body visited the Capouey Mission on the Essequibo Coast, and made a donation of clothing, books and pencils to students in that area. The school’s student body is also involved in sports, namely cricket. Last year, the girls under-fifteen team was afforded the opportunity of participating in a friendly game against their counterpart in Barbados.
Over the years, Miss Judy noted that the Anna Regina Multilateral has been participating in the J. O. F Haynes and the National Bank for Trade Industry and Commerce debates and has emerged as true champions on many occasions.
“Multi,” as it is called, was awarded the Anne Blue scholarship in the year 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007.
This award is offered to only one student in Guyana but incredibly, five students from the Anna Regina Secondary were recipients.
Asma Sharief, Shaneer Reid, Shaleeza Reid and Sarah Yassin were the awardees.
Students also participate in the National Third Form Examinations and in 2005, three students were placed in the top three. 
They were Shafraz Sharief, Avinash Persaud and Gibron Rahim.
Coping the top prizes in 2006 at the same examination were Rahul Lall and Vickram Deonarine.
The teacher believes that it is important for children to also be involved in co-curricula activities. This, she says, will help students to be fully rounded.
In 2001, the Anna Regina Multilateral School produced a top student at the Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) in the person of David Gooray. Gooray obtained ten grades one.
In 2007, Shafraz Sharief obtained fourteen grade ones and was declared top student.

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