Gunman shoots money changer, flees with $300,000

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The house where the robbery occurredTwo gunmen walked through the open gate at 37 Owen Street, Kitty, at about 08:00 hours yesterday and entered the lower flat where Parsram Parmanand, 19, was preparing to leave for his daily business – selling foreign currency on the streets.
One of the intruders walked up to him, placed a .25 pistol to his right side abdomen and shot him, then relieved him of $300,000 before he and his accomplice fled.  Detectives from the Kitty Police Station recovered a .25 spent shell inside the house.
The jersey that Parmanand was wearing was blackened by powder burns, suggesting that the shooting was done at extremely close range. There was also a hole made by the bullet.
At the time his sister was in a bedroom. She saw nothing.
The victim’s father, Suresh Singh, commenting on the situation at the Georgetown Public Hospital, said that he was at work when he got a telephone call informing him that his son had been shot.
He said that he rushed home, and from a casual observation noted that nothing was taken but the money that his son was carrying.
Landlord, 72-year-old Siripaul Jairam, said that he had just got home when he heard an explosion.
He said that he wondered who might have discharged a squib in his yard at this time of the year when he heard his tenant cry out that he had been shot.
Jairam said that he rushed to the front of his home and looked around but saw no one. He said that he could not say whether the gunmen came by car or on foot.
The victim’s mother, who works with a Canadian entity in the city, was traumatised and could barely respond to questions posed to her. She had to be comforted by the staff members who accompanied her to the Georgetown Public Hospital.
Just a few nights earlier gunmen had executed a robbery in the street not far from yesterday’s shooting. This time the source of the attack was a KFC employee.
No one in the area could say that they saw anything although a few claimed to have heard the gunshot.
The evidence suggested that the gunmen had staked out the place and knew when Parmanand would leave home. The apartment is heavily grilled so the gunmen apparently bided their time until the door was open and most of the people had left the home.
Sources at the hospital said that while the victim displayed an entry wound, there was no exit wound.
Doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital were forced to perform emergency surgery and by late yesterday evening they were saying that the victim was expected to survive.

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