National Grade Six Assessment… 13 in top ten

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C.V. Nunes Primary in Region Two came out on top when the results of the National Grade Six Assessment for 2008 were disclosed by the Education Ministry yesterday.
Among the schools securing the top places were the Isa Islamic School, St Margaret’s Primary, West Ruimveldt Primary, ABC Academy, the Dharmic Rama Krishna , the New Guyana School and Leonora Secondary School.

Yogeeta Persaud
Yogeeta Persaud - 558 marksHard work, dedication and friendship have defined both of their success at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment Examinations.
Making Region Two and their parents proud by being the top performer at the examinations is eleven-year-old Yogeeta Persaud. She gained 558 marks.
Her classmate, Zimeena Rasheed, of C. V. Nunes Primary School placed fifth with 551 marks.
Yogeeta Persaud, of Zorg Village, Essequibo Coast, said that she is most thankful to God for her success.
Describing herself as quiet and ambitious Yogeeta said that she had prepared for her examination by studying both at home and attending extra lessons at school.
This avid reader says in undergoing her revision as part of her preparation for her examination she would study chapter by chapter, five hours every night, except on Sundays.
A happy Thakoor Persaud said he must give credit to Yogeeta’s mother, Devika Persaud, an accountant, who shoulders most of the responsibilities by being actively involved both morally and financially in her child’s school welfare.
Commenting also on Yogeeta’s outstanding performance was Headmistress of C.V. Nunes Primary, Sybil Brandon, who said that she was delighted.
This budding archaeologist says her best subject is Mathematics.  She also says that she likes playing monopoly, scrabble and hop scotch.

Sayyid Rajab 
Sayyid Rajab“I am happy, excited and most, of all shocked,” were the first words of 12 year-old Sayyid Rajab after he was told that he was placed second among the country’s top 10 candidates.
This young man, who attends the Isa Islamic School, walked away with a total of 556 of a possible of 578. This aspiring scientist said he was always confident that he would excel at the examination because of his preparation but did not expect to place among the country’s top 10.
“In all my exams I would place first or second. I never went below that so I knew that I would have done well,” young Sayyid said. However despite being placed at one of the country’s top secondary schools, Sayyid said he would rather stay at his current school.
“I want to stay here because I wouldn’t want to leave my friends and because of the Islamic teachings,” he added. He said he owes his success to his parents and his class teacher.

Arianna Seeraj
Arianna SeerajWhen the news of placing third among the country’s top 10 National Grade Six Assessment 2008 candidates, reached 11-year-old Arianna Seeraj of St Margaret’s Primary School, the child broke down into tears of joy.
After wiping away her tears, this bright smiling child said that although she was always an A student she never expected to place so well. Arianna scored of 553 out of a possible 578.
“I knew I would have done well but I never thought my “well” would be this I am very happy and relieved,” Arianna said.
She said her anxiety level was very high while awaiting her results but now that the results are out in the open she feels much better and she can now focus on her plans for her August vacation. This aspiring paediatrician, said that given the fact that she has attained the score she did she is looking forward to attending Queen’s College which was always her dream.
However with her first day of attending her new school a while away, Arianna said that in the meantime she would relax and enjoy a vacation out of the country which was promised to her and which of course she definitely deserves. 

Shahrazaed Khan 
Shahrazaed KhanFor Shahrazaed Khan it was surprising as she too, like the other students was not expecting to be placed among the country’s top 10. Shahrazaed secured the fourth place position with a total of 552 marks. Like her fellow classmate, Shahrazaed said that she would rather stay at her current school instead of going to the school at which she would be placed.
She said that she was confident of doing well at the exams but not that well. Now that the exams results are out Shahrazaed said that she feels much more relaxed and will be looking forward to some form of relaxation now that the anxiety is all over with. 


Ridwaan Safi
Ridwaan SafiEleven-year-old Ridwaan Safi said that he is elated to carry on what has become a family ‘thing’. Like his fellow classmate Arianna, Ridwaan was placed among the country’s top 10 National Grade Six candidates.
Ridwaan, who says that he is aspiring to become a doctor like his father, copped the fifth position with a total of 551 marks. This young man, who seemed lost for words after he was told of his performance, said that he was surprised.
Ridwaan said that he felt as though he was at a disadvantage since he was involved in an accident a few months prior to his preparation for the exams and hadn’t much time for studies. Now with the exams out of the way, Ridwaan said that he is now gearing his mind for two months of relaxation as he was promised a vacation by his parents.
Back in 2006 Ridwaan’s elder brother, Fawwaz, placed third in the country for the final sitting of the Secondary Schools Entrance Examination. Ridwaan added that he also feels very honoured to have his school earn a place in the country’s top 10.

Zimeena Rasheed
Zimeena RasheedOutgoing, brave, and sensitive Zimeena Rasheed gives credit to Mr. Wilfred Success of West Ruimveldt Primary School at C. V. Nunes Primary School for her success.   She said her best subjects are mathematics, science, and she like participating in debates and dramatic poetry.
She said that by phone Mr Success, a close friend of the grandmother, would discuss the various areas of study with her, sometimes for long periods.
Like her classmate her parents are to decide whether they would further their education in the city.

Crystal Ramdayal
Crystal RamdayalGaining fifth position in the top ten with a total of 551 marks, 12-year old Crystal Ramdayal was all smiles yesterday when this newspaper broke the news to her.
The youth, of West Ruimveldt Primary School said she was not surprised at all with her accomplishment, since according to her, she worked hard for it.
With the assistance of her mother, Ramdayal said she spent many sleepless nights studying.
The lass of lot 62 Bent Street, Wortmanville said she is looking forward to attending Queen’s College School in September and attributed her achievement to her mother, Devi Paul; father Ramesh Sunich who is the proprietor of Trophy Stall and teachers at school.

Jonelle Europe  
Jonelle EuropeAlso copping 551 marks was 12-year old Jonelle Europe of ABC Academy. The lass told this newspaper that she was not at all surprised when she heard that she gained the fifth position in the top ten.
Her father, Cuthbert Europe, who is the manager of King’s Jewellery on Quamina Street, said that he always knew that his daughter had the ability to do well, but he never expected her to be amongst the top ten.  
The youth of lot 82 Craig Street, Campbellville, said that although she spent many hours studying, she still made time for recreational activities.
Europe recognized her parents and teachers as those responsible for her success.
She too should be attending Queen’s College School in September.

Kavita Sawh
Kavita SawhKavita Sawh, 11, a pupil of the Dharmic Rama Krishna Primary School scored 549 in the National Grade Six Examinations and that score placed her ninth overall in the country.
Kavita said that she was very happy and excited that she did so well. She smiled, then said that she knew she would have done well, but expected to do a little better.
She explained that since she did not take extra lessons, she had to study a lot. “It was worth it.”
She added that she would be very happy to go to school today.


Cecil Cox
Cecil CoxCecil Cox, a student of The New Guyana School, scored 548 points and secured for himself 10th place position at the National Grade Six Assessment.
The well-spoken 11-year-old during an interview with this newspaper yesterday said that although he is happy and proud of his achievement he is quite sure he could have done better.
He explained that while Science is one of his best subjects he realised that he made a mistake during the assessment.
Cecil said that his preparation for the assessment was characteristic of days and nights of laborious studying sessions. He said that he received immense assistance from his father who provided numerous reading materials for him.
But according to him his class teacher, Ms Shelly Greene, was of course the most instrumental person that helped him to excel.
He said that he plans on attending Queen’s College and intends to channel his studies towards the science stream.
Cecil who resides at 496 North East La Penitence is the son of Mr William Cox, Special Assistant to the President and his mother is Mrs Satie Cox, a Commercial Credit Officer at Republic Bank.

Shaphan Hestick
Shaphan HestickEleven-year-old Shaphan Hestick, like his New Guyana School classmate, Cecil Cox, also secured 10th place at the Assessment with 548 marks and plans to attend Queen’s College too.
Shaphan said that Ms Shelly Greene also pushed him hard to do his best and constantly reminded him that he had the potential to excel.
And according to him he did the best he could and he is quite satisfied.
He said that he studied as much as was possible and got significant assistance from his mother, Ms Marva Hestick, who is the Headmistress of the Vreed-en-Hoop Community High School.
Shaphan said that his father, Pastor Marlon Hestick, of the Vreed-en-Hoop Wesleyan Church, ensured that he had all of his reading materials and noted that his two older siblings also helped him considerably.
The young lad who resides at 223 Ruimzeight Gardens, West Coast Demerara, said that he is hoping to enter the Science stream at his new school.
According to the lad’s father who was on hand, he is satisfied with his son’s achievement and attributed Shaphan’s performance to his complete reliance on Jesus Christ.

Sharmila Ramlall
Sharmila RamlallAlso sneaking into the top ten position was 11-year-old Sharmila Ramlall of the Leonora Primary School with her 548 marks.
The jovial lass of Lot C La Jalousie, West Coast Demerara, expressed elation when she was informed of her performance.
She said that the assistance that he got from her Headmaster Mr Gordat Persaud and class teacher Ms Latchmin Gopaul was important factors in helping her to do so well.
She disclosed that Ms Gopaul considerably built her confidence to excel even as she recounted how the teacher would answer any question even late at nights.
She also counted the assistance of her cousins and parents as crucial to her success. She too will be attending Queen’s College when the new school year begins in September.
According to her, attending QC was always her dream and so she studied as hard as she could in order to become eligible to enter the premier school.
But though studying was essential Sharmila noted that she also found time to play and exercise

Eunice Hammond
Eunice HammondEunice Hammond, 12, a student of the St. Margaret’s Primary School scored 548 in the National Grade Six Examinations and finished among the top 10 nationally.
Hammond said that she was excited; that she “couldn’t be happier.” She said that she had already told her parents and they were extremely happy and proud of her. She explained that she had been taking extra lessons since she was in Grade Four.
The quiet girl did not believe the news when this reporter made contact with her; she thought it was a prank being played on her by her brother-in-law.
She has since been able to confirm the results.

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