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Govt. pushes to revamp public service

With responsibilities such as the provision of health, security, and educational services, Guyana’s public service has a significant role to play in the development of this nation. But even with this mammoth responsibility Guyana’s public... [...]

Venezuela showing two faces on border controversy

– tells UN one thing, tells Venez. another Despite the intervention of the United Nations (UN) last week, the Venezuelan administration seems to be sending mixed signals as to whether it is genuinely interested in solving the territorial... [...]

Longest serving GECOM Commissioner, Bud Mangal passes away

Dead: Dr. Keshav ‘Bud’ Mangal Former Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr. Keshav ‘Bud’ Mangal, has died. Mangal, GECOM’s longest-serving Commissioner passed on Friday. Kaieteur News understands that Mangal suffered... [...]

Maximising business profits using social media, Dr. Rosh Khan is a special person

“Be open to possibilities but practice the power of discernment…sharpen your ability to see and understand people, things, or situations clearly and intelligently.”   By Kiana Wilburg Dr. Rosh Khan, owner of Social Rank Media With an... [...]

Dem boys seh…Is now people know why Donald so slow

Dem got some sayings that does lef people thinking long and hard. Dem also got scientists who research some things and mek nuff interesting discoveries. These things now form conversation. Doctors know that de bigger de brain de more intelligent... [...]

Botched Brazil Cable renders US$10M Towers useless

Bharrat Jagdeo’s grand Information Communication Technology (ICT) scheme is falling apart daily and Guyanese are learning more and more, the level of indebtedness in which he has plunged the nation. Kaieteur News continues to be at the vanguard... [...]

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