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Making Guyana safe again…Top Cop credits change in administration for increased public trust

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has in the past months seen significant growth in its capacity as well as an increase in public trust, leading to the reduction of crime at all levels and Commissioner of Police Mr. Seelall Persaud has said that... [...]

Hijacked fishing boat recovered, but still no sign of missing fishermen

The missing fishing boat in last Friday’s piracy attack has been recovered by the owner minus the three missing crewmen. Speaking to this publication, the vessel’s owner, Mohammed Hussian Arran stated that he located his boat at the No.... [...]

HIV cases rising again in Guyana

National AIDS campaign needs to be reviewed — Dr. Shamdeo Persaud “People are not scared of HIV anymore; if they were, they would have been more careful. They know that there is treatment and that the treatment works so they believe that... [...]

Ramotar’s son paid over $32M, for “poor supervision” of E-Governance project

By Abena- Rockcliffe- Campbell Alexei Ramotar- son of former President Donald Ramotar-was paid over $32M to manage the now stalled $7.9B E-Governance project. Despite his handsome salary, young Ramotar, failed in job performance. The calculated... [...]

Forensic audit report reveals…Valmiki Singh carried out Ministerial tasks at NFMU

It appears as though Valmiki Singh thought that he had more power than was actually allocated to him as Head of the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU). And perhaps, the organizational structure of the entity contributed to him acting... [...]

Dem boys seh…Nuff money come fuh de jubilee

De jubilee done and nuff people smiling. All who was talking got to shut dem mouth because dem and all been in de spirit. If anybody believe that Guyanese ain’t got brains dem should see how people put demself in de way to mek money. Usually... [...]

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