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MPs turned National Assembly into a fish market

…Opposition concedes By Kiana Wilburg “Thief…whore…son-of-a-b**ch”. These derogatory remarks were not used during a recent “cuss-out” at Bourda Market or a rum shop brawl. These terms came out of the mouths of Guyana’s respected... [...]

Dem boys seh…Eye pass ain’t got limit

When fowl eye pass corn it really bad but corn does always stick up in he throat and kill am. Dem boys grandmother always use to tell dem that. Even grandfather Soulja Bai know that saying. But it look like dem at de Berbice Bridge don’t know... [...]

Should the State media only express positive views of a Government?

– veteran journalist weighs in Veteran journalist Bert Wilkinson believes that Government should appoint a Board of Directors to work along with editors at the State-owned Chronicle, to fix polices that the newspaper has been lacking for... [...]

Needle in infant…Public Health Minister to probe

Minister of Public Health Dr. George Norton has promised a full investigation into the mishap that left 11-month-old Ethan Garnett with a broken syringe needle in his buttocks. According to reports, the infant was taken to Fort Wellington Hospital... [...]

Sophia Indigenous Village ready for Indigenous Heritage Month festivities

…as organisers beckon dawn of golden jubilee celebrations By Nicholas Peters Coming alive with architecture, culture and cuisine is the Sophia Exhibition Centre just in time for Indigenous Heritage Month, which officially begins tomorrow.... [...]

School built for $170M…Parents vow to lock gates over ‘dangerous’ conditions at One Mile Primary

Schools across Guyana are expected to re-open today, and both children and parents eagerly anticipate the beginning of a new school term. But that’s not the case at One Mile, Wismar, Linden, where parents plan to stage a protest today over... [...]

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